Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama

How to Join the Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama

Membership in the Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama is open to companies and individuals engaged in the development and production of natural gas from coal in Alabama, or to those who provide services to the industry.  Our members include production companies, drilling companies, attorneys, geologists, service companies and environmental consultants to name a few.

Any person or company seeking membership in the CMAA should fill out an application form and submit it to the CMAA Office in Birmingham.

Full membership in the CMAA is reserved for companies that drill for and produce natural gas.  Associate membership is for all other businesses or individuals who work in the industry as consultants, suppliers or service companies.  Petroleum Producer is for operators of non-coalbed methane production.

Download the CMAA Membership Application.

Download the CMAA ByLaws.

The CMAA Board of Directors will consider and approve all applications for membership.