Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama

CMAA Membership Meeting February 21, 2014

Thank you to Senator Gerald Allen and Representative Bill Poole for presenting the 2014 Legislative “Halftime” report!


CMAA 2014 Annual Meeting

May 28-30, 2014

Hampton Inn, Orange Beach, Alabama

Did You Know…?

  • Natural Gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel in domestic production
  • A large component of Natural Gas is methane (CH4).
  • Methane is a by-product of the geologic process that turns organic material into coal.
  • 13% of the land in the lower 48 United States has some sort of coal under it, and nearly all of this coal contains methane.
  • Methane gas, a hazard in underground coal mining, is normally wasted into the atmosphere.
  • A process developed during the search for non-conventional fuels permits the extraction of this natural gas from the coal beds.
  • Coalbed methane is produced in 7 counties in Alabama and accounts for about 44% of all natural gas produced in the state.
  • Operators have invested about $3.5 BILLION in Alabama to develop the resource.
  • Almost 10,000 coalbed methane wells have been permitted in Alabama since 1980.  Currently there are 6,100 active wells.
  • The Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama is a non-profit trade association made up of individuals and companies engaged     in the development of coalbed methane resources in Alabama.
  • The CMAA has promoted the continued development of this valuable resource in the state for more than 27 years.